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LDorado Jonez

Chicago based actor, rapper, illustrator, and designer LDorado Jonez is as versatile as the weather in the Windy City. His delivery can go from smooth and melodic to rapid-fire and aggressive. He describes his sound as Midwest Rider Music. It’s a funky blend of genres, somewhere between acid soul and hardcore Street-Hop. On his debut solo album, Medicine in the Candy, LDorado delivers lyrics that are witty and visual yet at the same time socially critical. Like a modern day Gil Scott Heron and Curtis Mayfield, LDorado Jonez speaks the language of the streets; not just about where we are as a culture but also where and what we can be.
Feature Film appearances
CHIRAQ (40 Acres and Mule); The Shake Bag and a Six (Los Durrand Films)
Television appearances
Empire (Fox); Chicago Med (NBC)
Song licensing includes
Chicago PD (NBC); Chicago Fire (NBC)

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Chicago based rapper, educator, and public speaker Sycosis is one step left of the line for "ordinary rappers." In 2010 Sycosis release his debut full length studio album, Mostly Me, followed by 2012's Tri-Polar.  In 2018, Sycosis is poised to have an even bigger landmark year with the release of the 3rd studio album Mostly Me II, where he brings his growth and development to the forefront with story telling, music for the clubs, radio, and the streets. With his most diverse sound and well rounded production to date, anticipation for the return is high.
Song licensing includes
Chicago PD (NBC); Chicago Fire (NBC) Law & Order SVU (NBC); 
Dude Perfect (USA) Chozen (FX) TV Commercial (Sunny D)

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The Homie Chris

St. Louis based producer, writter, rapper, and EDM composer The Homie Chris, also known to friends and colleagues as THC, delivered his official full length debut in the form of 2014's compilation We Make The Rules. While initially intending to "play the background", Chris was convinced by those close to him to push his role as artist even further. The result was the 2018 release of Loose Footage: Cheat Codes, a genre-melting musical journey which places his unique delivery and captivating voice on full display.

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